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Tag Line : The walls are closing in

CubePerhaps more of a sci-fi orientated thriller than a horror, the film starts with six people waking up to find that they've been imprisoned in an elaborate maze of rooms, housed in a giant building that rather resembles pinheads puzzle box.

The six individuals, who comprise of a cop, an escaped criminal, a college student, a social worker, an industrial designer and a mentally ill person, set about trying to navigate their way through the maze of rooms, which all look identical to one another. However, matters become complicated when it is discovered that some of the rooms are booby trapped.

They also discover however, that each one of them possesses a skill that just might enable them to escape from the maze, but as they press on they find that the traps become more and more elaborate and ever increasingly difficult to detect.

The maze of rooms seems to just continue without end, and after being unable to find an exit, suffering from fatigue and without any food or water to sustain them, tensions run high, tempers become frayed, and very soon they start at each other throats.

Overall this is a very good film, the intro scene showing some chap getting "diced" is excellent and really sets the tone and feel for the whole movie, and there's some really great twists in the plot that really keep you guessing as to who will survive the traps and whether or not any of them will ever make it out alive.

Overall Marks : 7/10

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Alternate tag lines, "Fear... Paranoia... Suspicion... Desperation", "Don't look for a reason...look for a way out".

  • This feature film marked the directorial debut of Vincenzo Natali, who had previously worked on the 90's sci-fi series "The PSI Factor : Chronicals of the Paranormal", which has been shown in the UK on the Sci-Fi channel.

  • The movie was shot entirely on a single 14'x14' set, which they made to look like many different rooms through the use of different-coloured lighting.

  • The movies budget was a mere $365,000.

  • David Hewlett, who plays David Worth, went on to play Dr McKay in Sci-Fi show "Stargate : Atalntis"

  • The characters (Leaven, Holloway, Worth, Kazan, Alderson, Rennes, Quentin) were all named after prisons.

  • The director apparently made a short film as a sort-of follow up to the movie, showing us what was outside the Cube. However he has subsequently destroyed the prints of this and said will never reveal what was on the outside.

  • Nicole de Boer, who plays Leaven, is probably best known to sci-fi fans for her role as Lt. Ezri Dax from the final season of "Star Trek - Deep Space Nine".

  • There are three deleted scenes that appear as extra's on the US DVD that didn't make the theatrical cut. The group comes upon a "missing room", with no trap and no doors leading out. Kazan looks at his thumb with one eye at a time, and a slightly different play out of the scene where Leaven and Quentin discuss the numbers in a cube shaft (though these aren't included on the UK release).

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