Dark Floors

Tag line : The Fear is Here!

Dark FloorsNow I’m sure you all know who rock band Lordi are, those bizarre rockers from Finland who won the Eurovision song contest a number of years ago? Well for a long time, there'd been talk, not to mention and awful lot of hype, over the fact they were making a horror film, and low and behold, finally, here it is.

Given Lordi's comical background , you’d be forgiven for thinking this was going to be some sort of campy, hard rock, comedy/horror picture, well forget all that.  What we actually have here is a very atmospheric, creepy and surreal ghost story.

Focusing on a young father and his autistic daughter, the two get stuck in a lift at their local hospital, along with small group of other patients and hospital workers. But when the power comes back on and they’re finally able to leave, they’re surprised to find the building mysteriously deserted, the phones aren’t working and there's something blocking the exits.

Trying to find a way out, they discover they’re not actually alone as they soon find themselves being attacked by various ghostly figures, zombies and demonic creatures that emerge from the empty rooms.

Filmed using a primarily English cast, this was rather like a cross between “Demons 2” and “Poltergeist 3” and has some obvious nods to the likes of Lucio Fulci’s “The Beyond” in places, although I did find the story to be a little too slow in places for my liking. Also, the young girls whining at the start of the film does get kind of annoying after a while, but once things got going I found myself quite enjoying this.

Lordi’s involvement is really confined to just playing the demons in this, and this is where I think opinions are going to be greatly divided. Whilst their stage costumes do make for some very imposing demonic characters, the fact is, if you’re familiar with their music and particularly their stage show, you’ll know they’re not exactly a group you can take seriously.

Now, as this is being played as a straight horror picture I’m sure many might see their inclusion as detrimental to the plot. Indeed, I’m sure many horror fans may be put off by them and Lordi fans may be put off by the fact that they’re not the central characters.

I’m sure Lordi fans will want to check this film out regardless, but my advice to mainstream horror fans is pretend Lordi aren’t in this. If you can get past their involvement, this isn’t actually a bad film, so just view this on its own merits as a straight forward ghost story and you can’t go wrong.

Overall marks : 5/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Alternate tag lines "The Lordi Motion Picture", "Don't get off on the wrong floor".

  • The films budget was €4,300,000.

  • Conceived as a vehicle for launching Lordi's film career.

  • Director Peter Riski's feature film directorial debut.

  • English actor Leon Herbert, who plays Rick the security guard, is a prominent voiceover artist, and can often be heard on the narratives for various adverts and movie trailers. He has also appeared in various TV dramas and played the role of 'Boggs' in "Alien 3"

  • The most expensive Finnish horror film produced to date..

  • Ronald Pickup (Tobias) and Noah Huntley (Ben) also both starred in the UK hospital drama "Holby City". Co-incidentally, Philip Bretherton (Walter) also used to star in the sister series "Casualty".

  • Noah Huntley also played Mark in "28 Days Later".

  • Philip Bretherton also used to star in the long running UK Soap Opera "Coronation Street" during the mid-90s.

  • The movie claims to be conceived, written by, starring and featuring the music of Lordi. However, the script was actually written by Pekka Lehtossari, the soundtrack was provided by composer Ville Riippa, with Lordi providing one song which plays over he end credits and Lordi's on screen involvement amounts to little more than a series of cameo appearances as the demonic creatures haunting the hospital.

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