Dawn of the Dead title

AKA: Zombie, Zombies, Zombie-Dawn of the Dead, Zombies-Dawn of the Dead.

Tag line : When there's no more room in Hell......The Dead will walk the Earth.

Dawn of the Dead George Romero followed up his classic "Night of the Living Dead" shocker, with this bloody, violent and quite gruesome, but extremely enjoyable, seventies sequel in which the bodies of the recently dead once again come back to life and attack the living.

The Police and the National Guard find themselves fighting a losing battle on two fronts as they remain unable to curb the growth of the zombie menace and people refuse to be evacuated from the cities.

With matters getting worse and the authorities losing control by the hour, two members of a Philadelphia SWAT unit, Roger and Peter, decide to get out of the city before the zombies finally take over. Hooking up with their friends Steve and Francine, who have swiped a helicopter from the TV station where they work, they fly off cross country towards Canada, in the hope of finding somewhere secluded to set up camp.

On the way, they come across a giant out-of-town shopping mall which has been abandoned. Deciding it would be a good place to hold up, they set about barricading the doors, sealing off all the entrances then wiping out the zombies still inside.

But having survived inside the building for several months, their peace is shattered when a gang of marauding bikers show up to try and loot the mall. As soon as the bikers re-open one of the secured entrances, the Zombies move in and a bloodbath ensues as the two sides clash quite spectacularly, with the besieged 4 stuck in the middle.

Whilst I love all the "Night of the Living Dead" movies, Dawn is probably my favourite. There are 2 versions of this movie that have been released in the UK. The shortened theatrical version and George Romero's extended Directors cut (there's also a European cut, available as part of a DVD box set). Both of these were initially quite heavily censored by the BBFC, but are both now available in all their uncut glory!

Overall marks : 9/10

Terrifying Trivia.

  • The zombie make up and cosmetic effects were by SFX artist Tom Savini, who returned to work on the follow up "Day of the Dead" and also to direct the 1993 remake of "Night of the Living Dead". Look out for Savini, who appears in the film as one of the bikers.

  • The casting was by John Amplas, who had previously starred in the title role of Romero's "Martin (the vampire)". He also had a small cameo role as one of the rooftop gang members.

  • George Romero has 2 cameo appearances in the film. Firstly as the TV control room operative, and secondly as one of the bikers during the mall raid in which he was wearing a Santa Claus suit. He can be very briefly glimpsed running across the background when the bikers are showering the zombies with pies.

  • The film was shot at the Monroeville mall in Pennsylvania, on a budget of just $1.5 million. To date it has grossed in excess of $40 million worldwide.

  • Italian director Dario Argento helped George Romero finance the movie, in return for giving him the rights to re-edit the European release of the film. This was released as "Zombie" in Italy and parts of Europe (Not to be confused with Zombie Flesh Eaters which was released as Zombie in the US).

  • There have been at least four different cuts of the film. The (so-called) "Directors Cut" which was actually Romero's first cut of the film, which he used for the Cannes film festival. The "Theatrical Cut" which was Romero's shorter, second cut of the film and his preferred version. The European cut (Zombie), which was an entirely different version by Italian Director Dario Argento, and lastly "The Ultimate Final Cut" which is a semi-(un)official release by Astro filmworks of Germany. Each version has various scenes added or missing, except for the ultimate final cut which has all the different scenes from the various other versions spliced together, and each one uses the Goblins soundtrack music differently in places. For a more detailed comparison, click "Here".

  • The UK release used the US theatrical version, but re-titled it "Zombies-Dawn of the Dead" for its initial cinema run. This version also differed by showing the intro sequence through a distorted blue filter as Fran (Gaylen Ross) has her nightmare.

  • The UK DVD of the directors cut issued in 2003 by BMG was the first fully uncut version of the film to be released in the UK. All previous UK release, including the previous 1999 DVD and the original cinema release of the theatrical version, suffered varying degrees of cuts.

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