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Tag line : D-Day is coming!

Day of the Dead (2008 remake)Describing itself as a "re-imagining" of George Romero's original 1985 movie, which is another way of saying this is an "in-name only" remake. The story for this takes place in a small town in Colorado, which the US army have sealed off and quarantined owing to a highly infectious flu outbreak.

However it seems this disease does more than just give you a cough and a runny nose, as people start dieing from it, then coming back as zombies and attacking he living shortly afterwards. With the army unable to contain the outbreak, a small group of soldiers lead by American Pie actress Mina Sovari, attempt to fight their way through the town full of rampaging zombies and try and make it to safety.

Filmed to cash in one the success of the 2004 remake of "Dawn of the Dead", this is basically a completely new film which just happens to share a few character names with the original. There's a Dr Logan, a "vegetarian" zombie soldier named Bub (yes, you heard that right, a VEGETARIAN zombie) and of course a Captain Rhodes, played here by Ving Rhames who was also in the "Dawn.." remake. Although he isn't in it much as he gets killed off fairly close to the start.

If anything, this is more of a cross between George Romero's "The Crazies" and "Return of the Living Dead Part 2" and overall is something of a mess. It makes no sense for zombies to suddenly develop bad skin complexions the moment they come back to life and even less sense for them to be able to crawl upside down across ceilings (since when does being undead allow you to defy the laws of gravity indeed?).

It therefore comes as no surprise to learn that the production company behind this were the same bunch that gave us that god awful zombie rip off movie "Day of the Dead : Contagium" which came out a few years previous. Although what is surprising to learn is that this was written by Jeffrey Riddick, who scripted the "Final Destination" films and directed by Steve Miner, who directed "Halloween H20" and some of the earlier "Friday the 13th" sequels. Guess they must have been smoking something peculiar when they collaborated on this one.

Zombie movie fans would be advised to give this travesty of a film, which takes the name of Romero's film in vein,  a complete miss. You have been warned!

Overall Marks 3:10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Alternate tag lines "Faster, Stronger, Deadlier,", "The Need to Feed".

  • The last name of Mina Sovari's character and that of her mother is referred to as "Cross" on screen, however the credits at the end of the film have their character surnames listed as "Bowman".

  • The films budget was $18,000,000.

  • The soldiers are all wearing black T-shirts under their uniforms, but in reality the army actually wear brown shirts. Only the US air-force wear black.

  • Set in Colorado, the film was actually shot in Bulgaria, with the exception of a couple of scenes that were shot just outside of Los Angeles.

  • Screenwriter Jeffrey Riddick has a cameo appearance in the film as a police officer during the scene where they are checking out a mobile home.

  • One of the scenes in the film has the main protagonists trying to recover a set of keys from Rhodes body so they can escape in his HMMMV. However, these military vehicles don't actually use keys for the ignition.

  • Tyler Bates, who provided the soundtrack, also scored Rob Zombies "Halloween".

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