Demons 3 title

AKA The Ogre, The Ogre : Demons 3

Tag Line : When childhood dreams become adult nightmares, fear turns into reality.

Demons 3 : The OgreAn in-name only sequel by director Lamberto Bava, to the earlier and better Demon films. This time the plot concentrates on a respected horror writer, Cheryl (Virginia Bryant), who as a young girl was haunted by nightmares of a large demon-like ogre that lived in the cellar of an old castle.

She and her family are on holiday in the Italian countryside and have hired an old villa to stay in, whilst she works on her new novel.

Unfortunately, the villa happens to be an exact replica of the castle from her nightmares and to make matters worse, there's also something nasty waiting for her in the cellar beneath. People start to go missing, but her husband Tom (Paolo Malco) doesn't believe in this "ogre" nonsense.

More strange happenings take place, including dead bodies popping up in the flooded section of the basement, then mysteriously disappearing again. Orchid flowers are left strewn all over, when nobody else was around, the baby sitter disappears for no reason and her long lost childhood teddy bear turns up in the castle.

Cheryl believes that the ogre is turning the story of her latest book into reality, but still her husband will have none of it until the ogre finally pops up at the end, only to be dispensed with by Cheryl who runs him over in the family's 4x4 pickup.

I was very disappointed with this film, which has virtually nothing in common with the first 2 Demons movies. Whilst certain parts of the film, particularly the introduction, are genuinely creepy, there is far too much time wasted in establishing atmosphere and not enough time spent getting on with the plot.

There's no gore, no real suspense and a very weak story. Dario Argento, with his slick style of production, was sorely missed in this one!

Overall Marks : 3/10

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Originally filmed under the title "The Ogre", the title "Demons 3" was added afterwards, presumably to try and cash in on the success of Bava's first 2 movies.

  • There have been at least 2 other films bearing the title Demons 3. Dario Argento was to have filmed his own sequel, but this was altered and retitled as the "The Church". The other film to bear the title was the film "Black Zombies" (AKA Black Demons), by the infamous sicko director Umberto Lenzi which he released as Demoni 3 in Italy, although this was more like a rip off af Romero's Night of the Living Dead than Bava's Demons.

  • The villa used in the film was actually Charles Bands castle in Italy.

  • Paolo Malco is probably best known for his roles in "The House by the Cemetery" and "The New York Ripper", having been a one-time Lucio Fulci film regular.

  • Virginia Bryant also starred in "Demons 2", in which she played Mary the Hooker.

  • The film was apparently originally made for Italian television as part of a horror anthology series.

  • The incidental music was once again by Simon Boswell, but there's no 80's music to accompany it this time!

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