The Descent title

Tag line : Face your deepest fear!

The DescentHaving recently lost her family in a car accident, Sarah (Shauna MacDonald) is invited to join her female explorer friends on a trip to America to help take her mind off things. Her friend Juno (Natalie Mendoza) is planning an expedition to explore some caves in the North Carolina mountains and being eager to put her troubled past behind her, agrees to go along.

After descending into the depths of the caves, they find themselves in trouble when a sudden rockslide blocks the way out. To make matters worse, it seems that Juno has lead them into an unexplored cave system that nobody else knows of.

Stranded a mile below without daylight and no chance of rescue, the group attempt to find an alternate way out before the torchlight and supplies run out. But as they poke about in the darkness, it soon becomes apparent they're not the first people to explore these caves. Not only this but the cave system is inhabited by a group on bizarre Neanderthal creatures, who have a taste for raw flesh (just when they thought things couldn't POSSIBLY get any worse).

Pursued through the caves and tunnels by the bloodthirsty creatures, their problems are compounded when friendships within the group start to go awry and they find themselves fighting not only against time and the creatures, but against each other.

Having been impressed with Neil Marshall's previous film Dog Soldiers, I was looking forward to seeing this. Unfortunately, the end result proved to be something of a disappointment. After being subjected to about half an hour of embarrassingly "cringe worthy" girly talk, the film descends (no pun intended) into a complete rip-off of "Alien Terror", with the rock creatures replaced by the mutants from "Chud". Plus the whole thing just took way to long to get going, and the ending was a total downer.

Perhaps worth the price of a rental, but not a film I would care to own. Don't expect anything new or original here either!

Overall marks : 3.5/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Alternate tag lines "Scream you last breath", "Afraid if the dark? You will be!".

  • The films original title was "Crawlspace".

  • The budget was 3,500,000.

  • The US poster art, showing the cast posing in the shape of a skull, was inspired by a painting from Salvador Dali.

  • Though not mentioned in the film, according to the script the creatures they encounter are called Crawlers.

  • Though set in America, during one of the final shots the road markings suddenly change from US to UK (what a giveaway!!!).

  • The girls in the film had to do a rock climbing course at a centre in Derbyshire prior to filming in order to prepare them for the shoot.

  • The US release was delayed for a year after the UK release, to prevent it clashing with the co-incidentally similar film "The Cave" which was made around the same.

  • The film is supposed to be set in the Appalachian mountains, yet when the girls are on the way up to the caves they come across the carcass of a dead Elk. There are no Elks in that part of the country.

  • The original ending of the film, which was shown for its UK and European release, was changed for US cinemas as it was considered too dark for American audiences.

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