Devil's Prey title

Tag Line : When you raise Hell, Make sure you put it back.

Devil's PreyA group of friends, returning from an out of town rave party, inadvertently run down a girl who's wandering around in the road. Finding that she's not badly injured they pick her up and attempt to drive her to a hospital. As they drive off she tells them her name is Fawn, and to everyone's bewilderment, that she has escaped from a group of bizarre devil worshippers, who intended to sacrifice her.

At first they are unsure of what to make of her story, but after being run off the road by a mysterious dark van and then pursued through the woods by a group of strange people wearing hooded robes, they realise her story is all to true and that they are now fighting for their lives.

Having spent most of the night fighting a running battle with these characters known as "Shadows", they eventually find their way to a small farming town called Howard's Point, where they are helped by the local priest (played by Patrick Bergin) and the town Sheriff (Tim Thomerson). At first it looks like their troubles are over, but it soon becomes apparent that most of the people in the town are not who they appear to be, and their troubles are far from over.

This is typical teenage stalk & slash hokum, not particularly gory, and seriously lacking in gratuitous nudity, which is a great shame considering the amount of nubile young girls there are abound within. Patrick Bergin, who you may remember played the wife bashing husband in "Sleeping with the Enemy", is aptly cast as the fiendish priest and fans of the cult "Trancers" series of Sci-Fi films will undoubtedly enjoy seeing Tim Thomerson as the gruff sheriff.

Overall Marks : 4/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Patrick Bergin is probably best known for his role in the film "Sleeping with the Enemy" where he played Julia Roberts abusive husband. He also appeared in "Lawnmower Man 2 : Beyond Cyberspace", and can regularly be seen in various US TV movies.

  • Charlie O'Connel, who plays David, previously starred in the comedy (?) "Dude Where's my Car" and the Drama "Cruel Intentions" with Sarah Michelle Gellar. He is also the brother of actor Jerry O'Connel from the cult sci-fi TV show "Sliders".

  • Director Bradford May is better known for his television work. His credits include episodes of the old "Friday the 13th" series, "The Equalizer" and "Tour of Duty". He also directed the sequels "Darkman 2 : Return of Durant" and "Darkman 3 : Die Darkman Die".

  • Apparently the UK version was cut by 31s, as the BBFC didn't take too kindly to the sexualised violence in some of the "sacrificial scenes"

  • Tim Thomerson played the character Jack Deth in the "Trancers" series of Sci-Fi films.

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