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Tag line : Christine Brown has a good job, a great boyfriend, and a bright future. But in three days, she's going to hell.

Drag Me to HellDirector Sam Raimi may be known these days as the man behind those "Spiderman" films, but it was the horror genre, most notably those "Evil Dead" movies, that he originally made his name with. So it came as a welcome surprise to see him returning to form with the release of this seminal tale of gypsy curses and evil spirits on the rampage.

Set in California, Alison Lohman plays a young bank clerk named Christine, who gets embroiled in more than just a customer relations dispute when she's forced to turn down a mortgage payment extension from an old gypsy lady. With the bank repossessing her home, she becomes incensed and threatens to put a curse on her (why do these scrounging gypo's always blame everyone else for their own problems?).

Of course, Christine thinks this is nonsense. Until she gets a rather nasty, not to mention violent, visitation from several evil spirits later that evening. Enlisting the help of a spiritualist named Rham Jas (Dileep Rao), he discovers she is being pursued by a demon named the Lamia, and unless they can find a way of lifting the curse, he will come for her soul in a matter of days.

But with the gypsy woman having since died, and Rham's best efforts not having any effect it, they become embroiled in a race against time for them to, quite literally, 'save her soul' before the Lamia comes to 'drag her to hell'.

Also starring Justin Long, this is quite an entertaining, fun filled, supernatural horror which features many of Sam Raimi's old trademarks. The only minor quibble was that the plot did become somewhat predictable and, overall, felt like an extended episode of "Tales from the Crypt", but that aside, this was still a fun film which fans of The Evil Dead will undoubtedly love.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Alternate tag lines "Even nice people can go to hell".

  • Justin Long also appeared in Jeepers Creepers.

  • The films budget was $30,000,000.

  • Bruce Campbell was offered a cameo appearance in the film, but had to turn it down as he was busy filming for the TV show "Burn Notice".

  • The script to this was actually written after "Army of Darkness", but was subsequently shelved as Sam wanted to pursue other projects.

  • Rham Jass was named after former Harvard psychologist Richard Alpert, who changed his name to Ram Dass when he became a new age spiritual guru.

  • The doctor, who visits Christine after the first spiritual attack, was played by the directors brother Ted Raimi.

  • Composer Christopher Young, who provided the films soundtrack, has a cameo appearance as the pedestrian with the cupcake.

  • The unrated US DVD release and the UK directors cut Blu-ray contained 3 extended scenes. A longer shot of blood squirting out of Christina's nose, a longer take of the scene where the cat is killed, along with a shot of its body being dumped into the hole, before being buried in the back yard. These scenes were NOT included on the UK DVD release though.

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